DIPA2000i PSA Technology Overview

PSA Applications-General

DIPA2000i Particle Analyzer

DIPA2000i Laser Analysis

DIPA2000i Image Analysis

Dry Powder Disperser

Applications Notes & Articles of the DIPA** Technology 

(** Several former brand names were used in earlier publications)

Some Examples of DIPA2000 Application

Induced Sputum in Occupational Lung Diseases

A comparative study of two automated techniques for measuring fiber length

Gas sensing of SNO2 produced by chemical reactions and milling conditions

Variation of Starch Granule Size in Tropical Maize Germ Plasm

Shifting Sands - using image analysis and laser technology to study coastal sand dispersal

Concentration and size distribution of particles present in heavy fuel and oil

Stability of coal water slurry using dispersion-stability analyzer

Production of volatile fatty acids from activated sludge at pH 10.0

Recent Criticism of Laser Diffraction as a PSA Technique

Dr. Richard Kelly explains FDA publication in comparative PSA techniques and LD criticism

Critical Evaluation of the use of Laser Diffraction for particle size distribution analysis

"What is wrong with Laser Diffraction?"

Limitations in the Laser Particle Sizing in Soils

Size analysis by laser diffractometry - how valid are the data

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