The  Microscopy Package is a complete solution for particle analysis using an optical microscopes.

Microscopic size and shape analysis of particles can be performed using the powerful  Image Analysis software.

Thousands of particles are automatically being detected and analyzed in a matter of seconds.
Measurement methods are easily set-up in advance and performed using intuitive software wizard features, easily following the required operating procedures.

The  Image Analysis S/W includes many automatic procedures for contrast enhancement, image quality filters, morphology operations, particles characterization grouping and more, are added in advance to the analysis set up, creating a powerful and effective analytical tool.

Procedures for automatic saving of images, movies and re-processing of previously stored images or measurements are also available.

Access to system configuration, calibration and measurement set-up are managed through a multiple user level database, ensuring "FDA 21 CFR Part 11" compliancy.

The results are stored in the S/W extensive database and suited statistical reports for all analytical parameters can be generated.

Results are displayed in both graphical and tabular format; statistical parameters and comparisons for particle size and shape distributions are calculated.

The  Microscopy Package is a useful and essential tool for microscopic particle characterization purposes.

It offers all that is necessary to perform fast, accurate and reproducible microscopic inspection of particles in dry and wet conditions.



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