Donner Technologies manufacture and sell its own particle characterization systems worldwide, preserving its unique advantages and analytical added values for more than three decades, especially in the Particle Size/Shape Analysis (PSA) field.

Our unique analyzers, and specially our recently launched , all originally developed and manufactured solely by us under many brand names throughout the years, are our source of pride and are highly advanced analytical tool suitable for nearly all of today's known laboratories and on-line PSA applications.

Our team of experts owns a wide range of associated skills, including: Electronics, Mechanics, Optics, Computers, S/W Programing, Algorithm Analysis, Signal Processing, PSA Application Consultancy, International Sales & Marketing, and more.

Our advanced Technologies and Instruments, together with our comprehensive PSA experience and knowledge-base, are positioned to meet the challenges posed by today's application diversity and thus provide a superior analytical solution for Micro-Particles Size and Shape characterization.