Equiped with worldwide extensive application experience, together with wide variety of sample preparation accessories, Donner Technologies offers PSA Laboratory Services, which mainly includes:

  • Characterization of micro-particles in any type of material and form (dry, wet, aerosol).
  • Sample preparation method development, according to customer requirements.
  • Particle size total distribution information, available in four different dimensions.
  • Particle shape quantified information, with dozens of analytical parameters.
  • Real time analyzed sample visualization via pictures or videos.
  • Full analytical reports in wide variety of digital formats.

Specific laboratory demonstrations can be coordinated as well, to be conducted either at Donner Technologies Application Laboratory, or at the customer site.

For further information, please contact our team of experts.

Please find below the link to DIPA2000 operational video tutorials in our YouTube channel.


DIPA2000 Video Tutorials